280 George St & Curtin Pl


Designers: Kimsooja Studio, Jaeho Chong Studio LLC
Location: Sydney, Australia
Project type: Public art installation (proposal)


The proposed work is titled “Deductive Object” and takes the form of a large linear canvas that extends boldly across the northern wall of Curtin Place to form a visual bridge between George Street and Australia Square. It measures 5 meters in height and 20 m in length. Suspended just above the ground, it stands taller than the existing wall and leans gently at the sun’s angle at summer solstice, thereby bringing the site and the work out of shadow. This singular, expansive canvas takes two potential forms:

1. comprises a vertical garden of New South Wales’ local vegetation (above)
2. takes the form of Obangsaek pattern, a traditional Korean color field that represents five cardinal directions, as well as five natural elements (below)

*Project texts / descriptions from Kimsooja Studio & Jaeho Chong Studio LLC