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337 Project


337 project

Office: Jaeho Chong Studio LLC

Location: Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea


Area: 45,000 sq ft


Project Type: Commercial/Office


Completion Date: Under Construction

337 stands at the corner of a bustling city block in downtown Seoul, Korea. It provides 45,000 square feet of retail and office space across 15 stories and elegantly defines the urban fabric with structural clarity and a subtle language of building systems. Sited along a major commercial avenue in one of the most densely populated areas of Gangnam, 337 maximizes retail frontage along the avenue and consolidates all visitor access to the street side, resulting in a typologically defined urban program and circulation around the building’s corner. The gridded façade provides a unifying visual and structural field for the diverse programs that would occupy the building.

As a prominent anchor for a dynamic urban intersection, 337 is structured around vertical and horizontal symmetry. The lowest and upper-most three floors have taller floor to floor heights than in typical levels in order to accommodate flagship retail stores and premium offices. This programmatic distribution, coupled with a system of mullions spaced at alternating intervals, establishes a horizontal axis of symmetry, as well as a language of growth, at the mid-level of the building. As a result, the building’s most critical datum is distanced from the ground level. The notion of detachment from the ground helps the building appear lighter and speak to the history of the site as a tabula rasa, which has been erased through the last half century following the civil war and accelerated economic growth.

*Project texts / descriptions from Jaeho Chong Studio LLC, www.jaehochong.com