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Bridgehampton House


Bridgehampton house

Office: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Location: Bridgehampton, NY


Area: 7,360 sq ft


Project Type: Single-Family Residential (Prefab, 7 Boxes)


Completion Date: 2018

A short walk from downtown, this modular house serves as a summer get-away from Manhattan for a young family of five and their guests. The clients’ brief called for a light-filled house that maintained a fluid indoor-outdoor connection with a variety of exterior spaces for lounging, playing, and entertaining.

Broken into two volumes on the main level and clad in weathered gray cedar, the house responds to the neighboring small-scale beach cottages. There is no formal front door, but upon arrival there is a fluid procession signifying entry - from the gravel autocourt, through the gates to a tree-lined entry court, and up to a covered entry deck.  The covered deck is created by a spanning second story, defining the threshold between the public and private realms.  This gesture allows the guest bedroom and office to be detached from, but still feel connected to, the living space.

The Bridgehampton House’s carbon footprint does not match its scale. Utilizing modular construction, 80% of the house was built in a factory, minimizing waste and site disturbance. Meanwhile, a tight envelope, solar panels, and a geothermal HVAC system greatly reduce energy consumption for this second home.

*Project texts / descriptions from Resolution: 4 Architecture, www.re4a.com