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Combinatory Form: X,Y,Z

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Combinatory Form: x,Y,Z

Cornell University
Master of Architecture I | Fall 2011
Critics: Thom Mayne with Ung-Joo Scott Lee from Morphosis Studio

The production of organizational systems, capable of maximizing differentiation, commensurate with the complexity of 21st century programmatic demands and situational contingencies. 

“Morphogenetic strategies for design are not truly evolutionary unless they incorporate iterations of physical modeling, nor can we develop systems that utilize emergence without the inclusion of the self-organizing material effects of form finding and the industrial logic of production. Emergence requires that the recognition of buildings not as singular and fixed bodes, but as complex energy and material systems that have a life span, and exist as a part of the environment of other buildings, and as an iteration of a long series that proceeds by evolutionary development towards an intelligent ecosystem.”  
From Emergence and Design Group Architectural Design, Vol 74, no. 3.P.7

This project starts with questions of what defines line, surface, and object in pure sense of geometry. What defines the boundary between line and surface or surface and object? Which makes them to be differentiated? The pure geometries/forms are redefined and combined in consideration of their formal and spatial relationships. The positive and negative space around the form creates another kind of form within 10 x 10 x 3 boundary.

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