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Fenimore Road Addition + Renovation


Fenimore Road addition + renovation

Office: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Location: Mamaroneck, NY


Area: 5,000 sq ft


Project Type: Single-Family Residential


Completion Date: Under Construction

This project is a renovation and addition to a house designed by Kaneji Domoto, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright who was both an architect and landscape architect. The challenge was to respect, and enhance when possible, the rather unique, sometimes quirky, existing details and Domoto’s sensitive attitude toward the landscape. The existing house felt woven in with its surroundings, cantilevering over a small stream and surrounded by green. At the same time, major upgrades and repairs were required to make the house functional, safe, and more energy efficient as a primary residence for a young family of four.

*Project texts / descriptions from Resolution: 4 Architecture, www.re4a.com