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Redhook Justice Center

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redhook justice center

Cornell University
Master of Architecture I | Fall 2010
Critic: Gisela Baurmann
Teammate: Jeff Lodin

Procedures & Protocols:
This youth center is about the reintegration of minors who have either been released from a juvenile detention center, released early under the provisions of our program, or have been given the option of our program over prison. 

The main objective of our program is to allow individuals to realize their full potential and to facilitate positive attitudes and behaviors that will in turn not only benefit the individual but the community as a whole. Programs include auditorium, classrooms, computer lab, counseling rooms, detention area, library, meeting rooms, recreational area (sports, meditation area). 

Case study of panopticons throughout history indicates that the prison interface was considerably driven from the distinct physical environment or architecture which controls the prisoners’ behavioral acts. Inspired from the psychological effect via the tension among the spaces, the idea of varied forces of ‘pushing and pulling’ and the interfaces between the programs are used as design source.

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