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Surfside Residence Addition + Renovation


Surfside Residence addition + renovation

Office: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Location: Montauk, NY


Area: 7,786 sq ft


Project Type: Single-Family Residential


Completion Date: 2018

The existing house, which sits on a bluff overlooking the beach in Montauk, New York, is a beautiful modern house with some very unique details, including a glass box living space with ten-foot-wide sliding doors opening to the pool on one side and courtyard on the other. Despite this, the house does not function well for the young family that will be escaping their New York City apartment to spend their summers here. The walk from the existing master suite to the kids bedrooms includes going down two flights of stairs, across the lower basement level, and back up another flight of stairs to bedroom wing. The existing kitchen is tiny and closed off from the living space, not allowing for the large, open living space the family desires. Thus, the challenge of this gut renovation / addition is to preserve the unique elements and details of the existing house while adapting it to suit the lifestyle of a family with young children.

*Project texts / descriptions from Resolution: 4 Architecture, www.re4a.com