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Tower Hill House


Tower hill house

Office: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Location: Amenia, NY


Area: 7,565 sq ft (Main House) & 1,440 sq ft (Pool House/Garage)


Project Type: Single-Family Residential


Completion Date: Under Construction

Designed for an avid polo player and his family, Tower Hill House is a summer residence on a property where the owner has built his own private polo field with accompanying horse barns and staff quarters for the property manager and seasonal horse groomers & polo field caretakers. The project consists of a 7,500 sq ft main house and a separate pool house/garage adjacent to the new infinity pool & spa.

Located two hours north of New York City along the New York-Connecticut border, Tower Hill House is situated adjacent to the polo field on the crest of a hill overlooking the valley below. The design of the home is completely driven by capturing these stunning views. The orientation of the house and its interior spatial organization are positioned to constantly direct the focus toward these views.

In response to the owner’s directive to maximize glazing areas, RES4 collaborated with a specialized, minimal-frame window manufacturer based in Switzerland with manufacturing facilities in Portugal to fabricate enormous, specially engineered custom windows with maximum sightlines. Due to the extreme oversize nature of the windows, which have nearly zero tolerance for movement in the building structure, the house required a robust steel frame akin to a commercial building. Within this steel structure, the architects, structural engineer and window manufacturer were able to achieve window units spanning as much as 70 ft in length with individual glass panes as large as 9 ft high by 16 ft wide.

*Project texts / descriptions from Resolution: 4 Architecture, www.re4a.com