Lea Jihyun Lee's Portfolio
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W Hotel Mexico City


w hotel, Mexico city

Office: nemaworkshop

Location: Mexico City, Mexico


Project Type: Commercial/Residential


Project Year: 2013

Floating sense of indeterminacy: It whisks guests into a world of possibility, where they can expect the unexpected. The floating sense of indeterminacy is both palpable and thrilling. Like the W brand and the city itself, the hotel vibrates with energy. Secrets flicker and flash, creating an environment sparkling with social activity.

Masquerading: To hide and be hidden; to seek and be sought, notions of play and reflection are what you enter into as you visit the lobby space. A series of undulating reflective surfaces and faceted planes’ luminescence create spaces and places to explore. As a guest you are taken into the world of W, and invited to peer through the eyes of the insiders who curate the programs.

Secret Expressions: W Mexico City indulges in the chilango culture where luchadores mask natural identity in favor something surreal, fantastic and vibrant. It is a place of discovery and surprise, where secrets are expressed boldly and then concealed flirtatiously, as if belonging to a fantasy.

Geometric Caging: There is a purposed staging, an illusion to the experience. Through the eyes of another, your story is shaped by the stories of Mexico’s rich and vibrant cultural nods of now and fore. Each space echoes the playful nature of the city and the people who come to play; really play.

*Project texts / descriptions from nemaworkshop, www.nemaworkshop.com